About Us

We are a socially responsible small business from Whitewater, Wisconsin. We offer a USDA certified organic and sustainable laundry detergent that grows on a tree called soap nuts. We work with a non-profit in Nepal that harvests the nuts from the foothills of Himalayan mountains in the sovereign state of Nepal. The members of the non-profit are paid 66% more than the average Nepalese resident. Soap nuts are hypo-allergenic, anti bacterial, antimicrobial, compostable, environmentally beneficial and very cost effective. They will eliminate the need for the traditional use of chemical detergents and fabric softeners.  

In this life, there are those of us that strive to fight, to push forward, to excel through barriers; to be the ripple effect in the stream of earth born life. Four Nuts By Nature is more than just a company seeking profit, we are not just a catalyst to the riveting gears of conglomerate entities. We are a collective effort! We are the man on the corner selling sustainability! We are the welcoming smile that says, Im here for you! We are souls bound to a cause, thriving with determination with a white hot burning passion for compassionate and inspiring change. Four Nuts By Nature strives to make a difference;  to positively impact humanity. To promote life success and sustainability! To manifest the inspirational moment when family, neighbors, and races of all color unite under one goal, transpiring through action a nurturing world, our children's, children can take pleasure in. Go Humanity! Go The Sustainable Way Of The Future! Go, Four Nuts By Nature!